MNDR-Big-Data-Save-YourselfMNDR “Save Yourself (with Big Data)”

MNDR-Big-Data-Save-YourselfMNDR and Big Data (aka Alan Wilkis) are far from strangers and through the years have frequently worked together on tracks like “Live Forever” (off the Brooklyn producer’s 2019 album, 3.0) and more recently, MNDR’s “Save Me.” Keeping it in the family, they reconvened in New York with plans to produce a remix of the latter for release alongside MNDR’s Hell to Be You Baby album. Their M.O. quickly changed, however, as songwriter Evan Bogart and electro-soul singer Daniel Wilson dropped by the session, and MNDR and Big Data exited the studio with what might as well been a whole new song — a fervent electro-house stomper re-titled “Save Yourself.” If the original “Save Me” was a cry for help from the dance floor, it’s here that the clipped, bass-heavy rhythm and the interplay between MNDR’s ecstatic vocals and Daniel’s soaring interjections come together to reveal that salvation and the dance floor are, in fact, one and the same.

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