Today, MNDR drops her single, “Save Me”, the first look off her forthcoming sophomore album Hell To Be You Baby. “Save Me” is a pop/anti-pop, industrial, house, 90’s throwback KLF-inspired space bop that will get you dancing and hitting rewind.  It’s proof she is coming hard this year.  Hold on to your hats and wigs as you ride the house piano with MNDR on an intimate journey from vulnerability to strength through an explosive kinetic cry for help and connection.  “Save Me” was written by MNDR, long time collaborator Peter Wade and industry friends Evan Bogart, Big Data, and Scott Hoffman (AKA Babydaddy from Scissor Sisters).  




Psychobuildings Hearts Remix EP

Psychobuildings are proud to announce the release of their “Hearts (Remixes)” EP! The EP contains remixes from Wool, AIMES, Discmann & Sixtraxx, HedNorton, F.r.a.c.t.a.l, The Statue of David and WonderSound’s own Peter Wade takes another crack and remixes “Hearts”.

You can download your copy from iTunes, and high res DJ versions available soon on beatport.

Psychobuildings new EP “Hearts” out now! You can cop it on iTunes or at Other Music NYC. The physical CD will be appearing in record stores near you or email WonderSound directly and we’ll ship you one for $10.

The EP is a collection of five songs including recent singles “Baby Cops” and “Wonderchamber”.

Psychobuildings “Hearts” EP on iTunes

Get your Psychobuildings “Hearts” EP CD directly from WonderSound


Psychobuildings 12" EP
After releasing two killer singles last year NYC’s Psychobuildings unveil their first 12″ record in EP format. Just shy of 20 minutes this slab of vinyl showcases the band’s already unbeatable dance numbers as well as some finely constructed psychedelic trance inducers heard previously only in their much buzzed about live set. Balancing New Romantic synth explorations with the beat boxing lyricism of Old School Hip-Hop Psychobuildings have come up sounding fresh in delivery and style. Front man Peter LaBier brings the guts back into pop with a feel for groove and and an ear for hooks. His spirited vocals recall legendary post-punk singers like Robert Smith and David Byrne while his frenetic dance moves would make the King of Pop smile. Produced by the band, mixed by hit making sound engineer Peter Wade and fleshed out by the synth wizardry of Peter Schuette and multi-instrumentalist Juan Pieczanski, the self-titled EP fires on all cylinders from start to finish.

Pre-order Psychobuildings EP, available in CD or 12″ vinyl. Street date is July 12th, 2011.

After the devastating earthquake in Japan, WonderSound friends The Freelance Whales asked us to participate in a benefit EP to help Japan rebuild. We remixed “Hannah” and here’s how we did it.

The remix was programmed primarily on a Roland Jupiter 6 analog synth tracked through a Universal Audio 2-610 and Distressor. I cut up the original drums from the session, re-amped them, and layered them with 12 bit drum samples from my Yamaha RX5 drum machine.  The concept was to build slowly, drop everything out and then experience a brain overload where we throw everything at it. With a stunning mix from studio engineer Emmett Farley, the remix of the popular single “Hannah” was born.

-Peter Wade

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