The Village Voice selected MNDR as one of the top New York-based acts to see for their “SXSW Cheat Sheet 2010”. With shows lined up over the week, you’ll be able to experience what the Village Voice did firsthand:

Sneaking onto a snoozy recent Mercury Lounge lineup of charisma-less “chillwave” wallflowers, flagrantly nerdy electro-diva MNDR dropped like a bomb, with an enormous pair of glasses, an epilepsy-inducing light show, some fantastic dance-pop jams (“Fade to Black” especially), and a bombastic, unignorable personality: “OK, seriously, you can move to this music! This is techno!” The Fader is in love with her, and rightly so: An apparent tech-head, she can build you an amp out of spare parts and then blast all manner of engrossing egghead dance-floor ephemera through it. Here’s your Lady Gaga in training, if she doesn’t morph into something weirder, flashier, better.

Check out the rest of the list here and of course, catch MNDR at upcoming SXSW performances.

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