MNDR-Love-In-Reverse-(with-Empress-Of)-final-single-cover-art-3000MNDR “Love In Reverse (with Empress Of)”

Around the same time that MNDR’s debut album, Feed Me Diamonds, was released, an anonymous musician/producer introduced herself with a series of gorgeously abstract, minute-long music pieces uploaded to YouTube. We’d soon learn the identity behind these beguiling “colorminutes” vignettes: Empress Of (a/k/a Lorely Rodriguez). Fast forward to 2021, and Empress Of is deservedly a household name in the electronic-pop music world, and also a kindred spirit to MNDR, who invited her to contribute to the upcoming album, Hell to Be You Baby. With composer Hudson Mohawke sitting next to longtime MNDR producer/collaborators Peter Wade and Babydaddy, the “Love in Reverse” single sways between shimmering, beat-less verses and rolling, percussive refrains that complement the vocal interplay. When MNDR yearningly confesses “I know it hurts,” Empress Of softly echos the same words in empathy, as if it were two friends confiding.


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