Can you swirl?  Can you twirl?  Can you twerk?  Can you swerve?  Can you WERK?  If you can do all of those do you think you can SWERLK?

If you wanna learn how to SWERLK, check out our how to SWERLK instructional dance video below.  Remember all profits from downloads and streams of SWERLK and SWERLK remixes go directly to Contigo Fund, established for the victims and community affected by the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Now that you know, we wanna see you out there SWERLKING!  And don’t forget to tag us!



Psychobuildings front-man Peter LaBier testing video effects with director David Yoonha Park for upcoming “Terror Management” video.

Psychobuildings front-man Peter LaBier messing around with some dance steps.

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