Stray Kids Go Live Album CoverStray Kids “Go Live”

The latest album from K-pop legends Stray Kids is named after the title track “Go Live” which is produced by WonderSound’s own TRAPCHAT and MNDR.  The raucous, trap inspired, goth circus track supports a juggling of raps from a continuous rotation of eight Stray Kids frontmen.

Learn more about Stray Kids on their website and add “Go Live” to your Apple Music and Spotify playlists.

Now GO! GO! GO! GO!



MNDR Fragile Cover Art WonderSound Records

MNDR “Fragile”

In the midst of the coronavirus shelter in place order, MNDR releases “Fragile” a song she wrote to get her through a tough time.  “Fragile” initially intended as an album cut from forthcoming album Hell To Be You Baby felt more appropriate for the times as MNDR says “I was going to release a dancefloor song last week but I just didn’t feel like dancing with everything that’s going on.”  “Fragile’s” lyric plumbs the depths of hopeless feelings but finds strength in knowing one’s boundaries.  Be sad, but on your own terms.

Listen below, download Fragile for free on bandcamp, or stream anywhere.

If “Fragile” moves you and you sing or play, dance or do spoken word, paint or anything creative, check out the Fragile lyrics and chords.  We would love to see your creative take on “Fragile!” Make sure you tag @mndr_official @wondersnd and use #imfeelingfragile

Visualizer by Molly Kaplan – IG: @phatwhippet



February 5, 2020
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MNDR “Open”

“Open”, the 2nd single from MNDR‘s forthcoming album Hell To Be You Baby is out today (Friday Feb 7, 2020.)  “Open” begs you to release your inhibitions and be open.  Let go of your secrets, dance like there’s no tomorrow and come get free with MNDR.  The driving beat and enveloping lush musical bed lure you into an enveloping pillow of electropop space synthesizers you can’t help but find release.

Come get “Open” with MNDR – buy/listen to MNDR Open on Bandcamp or stream Open everywhere!

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MNDR 'Save Me' (Single)MNDR “Save Me”

Today, MNDR drops her single, “Save Me”, the first look off her forthcoming sophomore album Hell To Be You Baby. “Save Me” is a pop/anti-pop, industrial, house, 90’s throwback KLF-inspired space bop that will get you dancing and hitting rewind.  It’s proof she is coming hard this year.  Hold on to your hats and wigs as you ride the house piano with MNDR on an intimate journey from vulnerability to strength through an explosive kinetic cry for help and connection.  “Save Me” was written by MNDR, long time collaborator Peter Wade and industry friends Evan Bogart, Big Data, and Scott Hoffman (AKA Babydaddy from Scissor Sisters).  

Buy or listen to MNDR’s “Save Me”on Bandcamp or stream “Save Me” everywhere!

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MNDR 'MARS' (Single) ArtworkMNDR “Mars”

Check out the new MNDR song “MARS” out now on TOKiMONSTA‘s Young Art Sound II compilation album.  If you’ve been feeling like you might be living on another planet these days, this song will bring you down to Earth, but the visualizer from Strangeloop Studios might send you right back up to Mars!

This introspective space jam was produced by long time MNDR producer Peter Wade alongside Scissor Sisters producer Babydaddy.  MNDR’s outerspace verse vocals are layered in sputnik synths and explode into a chorus of reality, “welcome to Mars where the people are cold and they only wanna break hearts…”

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