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MNDR “Fragile”

In the midst of the coronavirus shelter in place order, MNDR releases “Fragile” a song she wrote to get her through a tough time.  “Fragile” initially intended as an album cut from forthcoming album Hell To Be You Baby felt more appropriate for the times as MNDR says “I was going to release a dancefloor song last week but I just didn’t feel like dancing with everything that’s going on.”  “Fragile’s” lyric plumbs the depths of hopeless feelings but finds strength in knowing one’s boundaries.  Be sad, but on your own terms.

Listen below, download Fragile for free on bandcamp, or stream anywhere.

If “Fragile” moves you and you sing or play, dance or do spoken word, paint or anything creative, check out the Fragile lyrics and chords.  We would love to see your creative take on “Fragile!” Make sure you tag @mndr_official @wondersnd and use #imfeelingfragile

Visualizer by Molly Kaplan – IG: @phatwhippet



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