MNDR’s remix of Metric’s “Breathing Underwater” just hit the internet. You can check it out and download it for free on soundlcloud.

Listen/download Metric “Breathing Underwater MNDR Remix”

For more Peter Wade/MNDR remixes check out soundcloud.

In the words of SPIN Magazine:

“Metric’s Synthetica standout “Breathing Underwater” has enough stadium-rock anthem in its genetic makeup that our reviewer Josh Modell called it “the ass-kicking younger sister of ‘With or Without You.'” MNDR, the duo of Amanda Warner and Peter Wade, are steeped in the history of electronic dance music, as last year’s Feed Me Diamonds exhilaratingly illustrates. Now, via Life+Times, MNDR have remixed “Breathing Underwater,” chopping up Metric frontwoman Emily Haines’ no-bullshit vocals and putting them over percolating techno. When Metric’s arena rush meets MNDR’s EDM high, it’s fair to say the results are breathtaking.”

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