NME has selected MNDR’s “Fade to Black” for the latest installment of it’s Radar Mixtape series. NME’s Radar Mixtape Volume 3 is stocked with some great other “breakthrough” artists such as Funeral Party, Twin Sister, and MNDR stage-sharer, Class Actress. The mixtape is available as a free download, so get it while it’s hot!

It was a congregation of abbreviations when NME stopped MNDR to talk about her music at SXSW.

I found out later on that she’s a professional ‘top-line’ writer for numerous mahoosive major label popstars. Combine that fact with a nifty sideline in serious minimal techno disc-spinning and all the pieces of her puzzle begin to fall ever-so-neatly into place. We got chatting afterwards. We covered the same conversational ground you’d expect with any lektro-pop hopeful. Y’know; Black Flag, world economics etc.

Watch video of MNDR live at SXSW and her interview with NME here.

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