The Psychobuildings Remix EP is still in preorder, but it’s getting a TON of press. Look who’s listening and don’t forget to preorder your copy here.

Sammy Bananas
Hype Machine
Off The Radar
Magnetic Magazine
Gotta Dance Dirty

Pure House
Discover Band
Dumb Bass
Funky House Music
Schitz Popinov
Push Volume
Discover Band
La 3e Heure!
Global Libre
Butterflies Radio

Psychobuildings Terror Management Remix EP

The Psychobuildings Terror Management Remix EP is now available worldwide for pre-order. Tracks from Psychobuildings’ debut EP have been remixed by MNDR, Sammy Bananas, Sub Swara, Photocall and Peter’s House Music and will be officially released November 29th, 2011. The original Psychobuildings EP is also now available worldwide on iTunes and in stores from New York to London to Japan.

The Psychobuildings EP in a Japanese record store.

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