MNDR‘s show last Tuesday night with Restless People at the Brooklyn Bowl has gotten tons of coverage all over. The Tastes Like Caramel blog wrote a bit about their “favorite new chick on the block” and The Fader loved MNDR’s show, too. You can check out The Culture of Me for some great live shots of MNDR, herself.

MNDR’s set at the CMJ Levi’s/Fader Fort showcase as seen by the Tastes Like Caramel blog:

MNDR has been building steam over the past couple months through her blog, MySpace, and her frequent party gigs.

Bushwick’s MNDR was a breath of fresh air in the sweaty basement of the ACE Hotel, jumping from keyboards, knob-turning, and moving the crowd with her incredibly fun and tech-no-logic set.

Keep an eye out for MNDR!

Check out the pics from the night.

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