RAC Let Go feat. KELE and MNDRRAC “Let Go feat. Kele and MNDR”

A first collab from two great artists, RAC’s “Let Go feat. Kele and MNDR” was the beginning of a prolific series of releases from the two.  This happy pop jam was heard everywhere including a prominent placement in a Citybank commercial.

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Holy Ghost! Lets Go on a remix of Let Go

RAC’s “Let Go” featuring MNDR and Kele has gotten another remix treatment this time from NYC’s Holy Ghost!. In fact, “Let Go” has gotten FIVE remixes which are now available as a complete remix EP with “Let Go” remixes from Krystal Klear, Holy Ghost!, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, Robert DeLong, and Sir Sly.

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New Sir Sly Remix of “Let Go” by RAC Ft. MNDR and Kele

Check out the new Sir Sly remix of the infectious “Let Go” from RAC ft. MNDR and Kele!

“Let Go”

You are golden
You are pure
You are golden, boy

Tell me
Your problems
I’m here for you
Just try to stay sober
It’s eating you
And they say you are a monster
But what I see is a child
Your eyes are glowing red
And your tongue has caught on fire

You’re pure
You are golden
You are pure boy
You are golden

So let go, let go of your fire
Let it go, let go of your fire
Live it up till we crash
In the smoke and the ash
let it go, let go of your fire

You play up to them
But they’re not around
Don’t be so rough with me
You are a gem

And they ask how i can love you when all they see is this
But i see things that you cant contain
And what it does to you

You’re pure…

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