MNDR “Hell To Be You Baby (TOKiMONSTA Remix)”

TOKiMONSTA transforms the title track off of MNDR’s Hell to Be You Baby album into a spacey club banger. The track (originally produced by Mark Ronson & Peter Wade) is now propelled by a four-on-the-floor beat and a percussive, ‘90s-inspired deep house organ accent, but the L.A. producer’s remix is by no means backward looking; TOKiMONSTA applies a 21st century sheen to her propulsive arrangement, with bright, psychedelic synth pads chasing MNDR’s swirling melodies. Who knew something titled “Hell to Be You Baby” could be filled with such positive energy?



MNDR 'MARS' (Single) ArtworkMNDR “Mars”

Check out the new MNDR song “MARS” out now on TOKiMONSTA‘s Young Art Sound II compilation album.  If you’ve been feeling like you might be living on another planet these days, this song will bring you down to Earth, but the visualizer from Strangeloop Studios might send you right back up to Mars!

This introspective space jam was produced by long time MNDR producer Peter Wade alongside Scissor Sisters producer Babydaddy.  MNDR’s outerspace verse vocals are layered in sputnik synths and explode into a chorus of reality, “welcome to Mars where the people are cold and they only wanna break hearts…”

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TOKiMONSTA We Love feat. MNDRTOKiMONSTA “We Love (feat. MNDR)”

“We Love (feat. MNDR)” is the second collaboration between WonderSounds’ MNDR and the legendary DJ/Producer TOKiMONSTA.  The upbeat bop was penned by MNDR, hit songwriter Evan Bogart, Peter Wade and produced by TOKiMONSTA.

“We Love” is an anthem for today, with it’s rallying chorus “we love, like nobody does!”

Check out “We Love feat. MNDR” anywhere you stream or download music and be sure to check out more collabs from MNDR & Toki.



Tokimonsta Go With It feat. MNDRTOKiMONSTA “Go With It feat. MNDR”

TOKiMONSTA “Go With It feat. MNDR,” the song that started it all!  The first collabo between LA’s TOKiMONSTA and (then) NYC’s MNDR.  The beginning of a beautiful friendship and string of musical collaborations.

Listen to TOKiMONSTA “Go With It feat. MNDR” everywhere.

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LYRICS “Go With It”

Follow my lead
Cause I’ve been here before
We’re close as family
And I won’t steer you wrong
You blame it on yourself
And I know how you wallow

And when it doesn’t go your way
You’ve got follow follow
Follow me me me me
Cause I’ve been hear before
We’re just like family
And I won’t steer you wrong
Steer you wrong
No I would never never never
No I would never never never

Ay oh Let it go
See the big picture explode
Like a light bulb let it unfold
Just go Go with it
Ay oh Let it go
See the big picture explode
Like a light bulb let it unfold
Just go Go with it

Just Go With It
Just Go with it
Just Let it Go

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