MNDR played a great show with V.V. Brown and Class Actress at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC last night and The Village Voice was on hand to soak it all in. They really loved her projections, calling it a “a hell of a mind-bending spectacle going behind her, a mixture of Atari-style blocky stuff and digital Spirograph fantasias synced up to respond to both her voice and, ideally, ours.” Though of course that’s nothing without “her muscular, blaring gearhead-techno anthems, with startlingly gooey pop centers, are rousing enough; the mighty ‘Fade to Black’ especially.”

As a physical presence, too, Warner is fascinating, with her blocky white glasses and slightly regal, slightly nerdy air, gripping her mic stand with authority and vogue-ing with aplomb. She casually mentions that she was in the ER last night with a fever of 102; her set actually climaxes between songs, where she tests the whole voice-activated light show thing, wherein we all scream and the screen behind her slowly turns solid white. “Now we’re all connected, like string theory,” she announces, satisfied. “Even though string theory is kinda fake.”

Read the whole article on the Village Voice’s website.

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