Westward Dish wrote about MNDR’s excellent performance in Denver earlier this week. With statements like “MNDR is the spiritual heir to Debbie Harry” and “MNDR a confidence and charisma on stage that is pure rock star” it seems we aren’t the only ones who think MNDR puts on a great live show!  Read the full review here.

Click here to read a write up of MNDR on They call out the song “Caligula” to help you break a sweat, declaring “the spacey track will get your blood pumping with its pulsating beats and textured sound effects.”

MNDR was given Pitchforks’s “Best New Music” stamp in their review of “I Go Away” from her debut EP.

Brooklyn’s Amanda Warner makes dynamic electro-pop under the moniker MNDR, and she’s been building buzz with her project while also working with folks like Mark Ronson. “I Go Away”, a major highlight from the her debut EP, E.P.E., is filled with distinctive synths that melt all over a spare, echoing drum beat like a candy house left out in the hot sun. It’s a serious slow-dance pop confection, but Warner keeps a clear head lyrically. “I Go Away” initially sounds like a post-relationship-fallout slow burner, as she asks, “How did I get here/ Without feeling anything”. Soon, though, you realize that she isn’t calming down– she’s getting pumped up. “This is my anthem/ I know it like I know everything”, Warner softly declares, as if she’s getting ready to step out in front of the curtain, before letting out titular squeaks during a chorus that favorably evokes Santigold as the track builds to its cathartic peak.

Take a listen for yourself here.

MNDR played a great show with V.V. Brown and Class Actress at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC last night and The Village Voice was on hand to soak it all in. They really loved her projections, calling it a “a hell of a mind-bending spectacle going behind her, a mixture of Atari-style blocky stuff and digital Spirograph fantasias synced up to respond to both her voice and, ideally, ours.” Though of course that’s nothing without “her muscular, blaring gearhead-techno anthems, with startlingly gooey pop centers, are rousing enough; the mighty ‘Fade to Black’ especially.”

As a physical presence, too, Warner is fascinating, with her blocky white glasses and slightly regal, slightly nerdy air, gripping her mic stand with authority and vogue-ing with aplomb. She casually mentions that she was in the ER last night with a fever of 102; her set actually climaxes between songs, where she tests the whole voice-activated light show thing, wherein we all scream and the screen behind her slowly turns solid white. “Now we’re all connected, like string theory,” she announces, satisfied. “Even though string theory is kinda fake.”

Read the whole article on the Village Voice’s website.

The Huffington Post ran it’s SXSW follow up article today and listed MNDR as “Best Show”.

The best show I saw all week was put on by one lady band MNDR, a modern-era, Janis Joplin-esque songstress who took the stage with crystals hanging from her neck and a safety pin barely keeping her shirt on.

It’s just her and her keyboard and a boatload of enthusiasm. There weren’t more than 40 people there to see her perform but she brought the funk like it was Madison Square Garden. And every time the beat dropped — a beat she has no doubt heard hundreds, if not thousands of times — she reacted with so much joy it was like she had just been kissed by a puppy.

Check out their full review of MNDR’s set and the rest of the superlatives here.

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