Psychobuildings Hearts Remix EP

Psychobuildings are proud to announce the release of their “Hearts (Remixes)” EP! The EP contains remixes from Wool, AIMES, Discmann & Sixtraxx, HedNorton, F.r.a.c.t.a.l, The Statue of David and WonderSound’s own Peter Wade takes another crack and remixes “Hearts”.

You can download your copy from iTunes, and high res DJ versions available soon on beatport.

If you went to go see the movie Chronicle this past weekend, you may have noticed not one, but two MNDR tracks coming through the theater speakers. The box office number one hit movie features Discmann’s remix of “Jump In” and Hervé’s remix of “Cut Me Out”.

RCRDLBL’s year-end Top 100 Most Downloaded tracks list is out and MNDR grabs two spots! #49 most downloaded is MNDR’s signature 4-track remix of Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”. Also making the list, #79, is Discmann’s well titled “Off The Wagon” remix of MNDR’s “Jump In”.  If you haven’t already, you can download them for free here and here.

For more great remixes, take a listen to the full playlist on RCRDLBL.

Friends of WonderSound, Discmann and Sixtraxx have teamed up for a banger of a remix for MNDR’s song “Cut Me Out”. You can download the track for free from Green Label Sound here.

Discmann in his natural habitat

Need more Discmann and Sixtraxx? Check out their Summer Mix 2011 here.

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