Friends of WonderSound, Discmann and Sixtraxx have teamed up for a banger of a remix for MNDR’s song “Cut Me Out”. You can download the track for free from Green Label Sound here.

Discmann in his natural habitat

Need more Discmann and Sixtraxx? Check out their Summer Mix 2011 here.

MNDR has released a surprise new breakdown of pop track “Cut Me Out.”  Producer Peter Wade created this exclusive driving Dub version, specifically for Green Label Sound fans. It’s MNDR remixing MNDR and it’s free for download here!

Drums were sequenced on a Linn Drum and tracked right to analog 1/2″ tape with spring and delay printed live.  Wade and Warner then laid live bass guitar, synths and hand claps recorded with natural reverb from the front hall of Wade’s former studio “LaBronze Johnson”.  Two original heavily processed Jupiter-6 sounds were created to make up the synth bassline and pads.  Then the FX were overdubbed while Warner kicked and prodded the spring reverb tank and Wade dialed up delay throws.

Click to check out this behind the scenes video that gets more in-depth on MNDR’s high tech music video for “Cut Me Out”.  Director Timothy Saccenti explains the some of the original concepts  and digital artist Ivan Safrin talks a bit about how they made use of a hacked Microsoft Kinnect to create the amazing visuals seen though out the music video.  Watch the behind the scenes video below:

MNDR first official music video takes you on a trip through the uncanny valley with deconstructed digital clones, high tech Kinnect hacking, and all other kinds of wonderful weirdness. Watch it below and download the song for free here.


Hervé takes MNDR’s “Cut Me Out” and gives it his signature remix treatment, cutting up the original and turning it into an epic dancefloor masterpiece! Get it for free here.

Haven’t heard the original? Get that here.

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