“Cut Me Out”

Gather sparks in a velvet bag
Count them out, one by one again
Under bricks, buried away
Speculate on a future stake

Hold them close, swallow them whole
Pound them out into sheets, to control
The words become translucent
Oh, you cash them in

All this talk in the clouds
Changes wind on the ground
Open eyelids of gold
Cut me out

A burning bloom on a bed of spines
Digging deep into your skin
The dry lines crack with charcoal
Your only comfort is the burning sun

Hold it close inhale it in
Take it down, and down and down again
Feel the quicksand through your fingers
Oh oh, while you melt away

All this talk in the clouds
Changes wind on the ground
Open eyelids of gold
Cut me out

Unleash the downpour
As the words flood in
Will they wash you away
Watered down
Cut me out


Written A. Warner, P. Keusch
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Peter Wade Keusch
Programming and Synthesizers: Amanda Warner and Peter Wade Keusch
Additional Engineering and Digital Editing: Emmett Farley

Friends of WonderSound, Discmann and Sixtraxx have teamed up for a banger of a remix for MNDR’s song “Cut Me Out”. You can download the track for free from Green Label Sound here.

Discmann in his natural habitat

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MNDR’s “Cut Me Out” Featured on Cinemax

“Cut Me Out” is this summer’s soundtrack.  Currently airing all over Cinemax, check out their summer movie preview set to MNDR’s newest single. Inception never looked so good!

MNDR was featured last night on Last Call with Carson Daly.

Click below for both performances from the show, plus an interview with the artist:

VIDEO 1:  Interview intro and her Echoplex (LA) performance of “Cut Me Out”

VIDEO 2:  Second performance of “Fade To Black”

Tune in tomorrow night to watch MNDR perform 2 songs on Last Call With Carson Daly! The setlist includes “Fade To Black” and “Cut Me Out.”  The all new episode also features Mike Mills and Foster the People. The show starts Tuesday May 24 at 1:35AM EST on NBC.

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