Brooke Candy 'My Sex feat. Pussyriot, Mykki Blanco & MNDR' (Single)Brooke Candy “MY SEX feat. Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco & MNDR”

Brooke Candy “My Sex feat. Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco & MNDR” is out now.  This electronic posse cut banger is an ode to sexual self determination and a powerful statement on gender and gender identity.

The Pitchfork premiere says “Brooke Candy has enlisted Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco, and MNDR for her new song, “My Sex.” It was co-written by Charli XCX and co-produced by Peter Wade, MNDR, and TRAPCHAT. The track arrives with a provocative 3D-animated visual, directed by Swedish artist Pastelae, in collaboration with Brooke.”

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You can buy “My Sex” at Bandcamp or stream “My Sex” anywhere. – #MySex – #MySexRules

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Brooke Candy “My Sex feat. Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco & MNDR”

Written by:  Brooke Candy, MNDR, Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco, Charli XCX & Peter Wade
Produced by: Amanda MNDR Warner, Peter Wade, addl Prod. TRAPCHAT
Recorded By:  Peter Wade Keusch, Amanda Warner @ Comet, LA
Mixed & Mastered By:  Chris Tabron @ Rumours, NYC
Mix Assistant:  Brandon Peralta
Vocals:  Brooke Candy, Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco, MNDR
Guitar:  Will Ivy, MNDR
Drums/Programming/Synths:  Peter Wade, MNDR, TRAPCHAT

3D art by Josefin Jonsson/Pastelae
Presented by ManyVids in association with Freaky Princess Inc.


(A. Warner, C. Aitchison, M. Quattlebaum Jr., N. Tolokonnikova, P. Keusch, B. Candy)
Verse 1: (Brooke)
My sex is my weapon
My sex always goes unbeaten
My sex is my demon
My sex no it’s not the second
My sex is unconquered
Not the church, not the state, my own fate
My sex is my weapon
My sex is my weaponMy sex rulesMy sex got that big dick
My sex gonna fuck with no shame
My sex is my queerness
My sex has no gender
My sex is not your sex
Not the church, not the state, my own fate
My sex got that big dick
My sex got that big dickChorus:
My sex, my sex rules
My sex, my sex rules (my sex!)
Imma tell you what to do
My sex, my sex rules (my sex!)Verse 2: (Mykki)
Big fat thing, I don’t wanna string bean
Kinda like a king kong, put it in my ding dong, hay!
Dumb dick, longer than a python
Bitch I am an icon shorty with a strap on, ay!
These dumb dumbs, who the fuck are these dudes
Thinkin’ with their peepees, givin’ me the creepies
I’mma have to teach you, give his ass a thesis
Fucking with the wrong bitch you can eat my feces.Yes I am a feminist
With a black dick who says bitch
My sex aint sex-ed, trick
Sharon Stone white dress with the legs split
My sex be the business, my sex take your soul
Brooke Candy is randy rock n roll Anna Nicole
Rock n roll Anna NicoleVerse 3: (Pussy Riot)
wild cat strikemy sex is not the second, my sex is a superhero
even a police officer has just smiled to us
my sex proved that it’s the very first
i’m a witch and it get’s on smbd’s nervesi don’t trust rules, i’m creating my own sex
if you don’t believe me, go look that’s stated in my criminal record
in the school they say that god is a man
but i’m not a boy, not a girl, i’m a unicorn

i don’t play in roles, i create ‘em
i don’t play in roles, i create ‘em
flyin’ on my broomstick instead of marching

wild cat strike

мой пол не слабый, он супергерой
нам улыбнулся товарищ постовой
мой пол доказал, что он самый первый
ведьмой я играю на чьих-то нервах

в правила не верю, я создаю свой пол
если не веришь – посмотри в протокол
в школе говорят что мужчина – бог
я не мальчик, не девочка, я единорог

я не играю в роли, я их создаю
не играю в роли, я их создаю
лечу на метле, а не иду в строю

Bridge: (MNDR)
I got a dick you got a dick
I got a clit you got a clit
We wastin’ time defining it
If you fine as fuck I fuck with it…

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